Second World Vol. 8

[Pay What You Want] SECOND WORLD VOL. 8

The Eighth pack of Second World series. With all Comic , Short Picture Series, Fiction, Poll Story and standalone art that normally for Patreon members! - [Comic NSFW] Wood Wolf And Bat Knight [Nameless OC(Male Bat Pony) X Applejack/Timberjack(Female Earthpony/Timberwolf Pony)] - Monochrome 40 comic pages - [Comic SFW] World Destruction - Monochrome 40 comic pages - [Short Picture Series] Flying And Electric [Zeraora(Male Pokemon) X Gimme Moore (Female Griffon) - Mini-Story with 4 chapters 4538 words and 14 full color illustrations- [Poll Story] Sexandroid Set 1 [Sexandroid(Herm Android Pony) X Fluttershy (Female Pegasus) and more - 57 full color illustrations with story underneath - [Fiction] In Plane Sight [Knight (Male OC Bat Pony) X Tsunderplane (Female Living Plane)] - Fiction with 6 chapters 20809 words and 20 full color illustrations - 42 Standalone arts [But 114 picture files in total, since most individual arts have more than one versions.] This product is "Pay What You Want" The price of this product is up to you to add. you can even get it for free by place 0 USD as price. but please remember that every small donation will make me more likely to consider creating more art packs or even a comic. Each supporter and your feedback will support my life. For me to make more and more arts for you. I gave you so much this time. Hope I will get some in return.... REMEMBER TO UPDATE YOUR CART BEFORE PROCEEDING TO CHECKOUT, OTHERWISE IT WON’T WORK. AND FOR ANYONE WHO CHOOSE TO PAY. PLEASE DON'T PAY LOWER THAT 1 USD. BECAUSE IT WILL CAUSE FEE ERROR. How to download : Click Link Above -> Click "BUY NOW" -> Set Amount (USD) -> click "Calculate Shipping/Tax" -> Fill Country Postcode => click "Free Checkout" => Fill your email and your name => click "Free Checkout" => Click "Click Here" Beware : The system only allows for 100 "free" downloads per podcast, per day. Once this number is exceeded, please wait until the following day, when the system will reset and allow for more free downloads. Sorry for difficult, dear. But free stuff always have it own limit. (But payment download have no limit.) Other Second World volume can be found here => "https://vavacung.deviantart.com/gallery/61828407/Second-World-Adult-Content":https://vavacung.deviantart.com/gallery/61828407/Second-World-Adult-Content Ps. Please don't upload any arts in this art pack to any art gallery website (Like Derpibooru, E-Hentai, e-621, Clubflank, etc) before 7 January 2019 (2 week from now) in respect for all supporter.

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